Vision Beheld


Henry Ford said that if you think you can or you can’t you are probably right.

Like many other successful people he took repeated failures and turned them into successes. Through the alchemy of tenacity he beheld his vision into fruition.

What do you believe?

Are all things possible?

Does the brightness of your light vanquish the darkness of the challenge you face?

This is how I paint. Yes, I “see” the imagery, but the act of painting those images is taking my intentions from the place in my mind, one dimension, and manifesting the image into another dimension, the canvas.

Father God, Mother Earth and the Universe are all speaking. We merely have to quiet our lives to hear their truth. Behold the vision of your life lived the way you believe it can be lived. And when our creative energies are in sync with the Creators’, the Universe… things manifest.

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