The time is now. Today is the day. Seize the moment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have never met an artist who has not procrastinated at least a little bit. It seems to be a dynamic of creative types, but can be moved through. Just remember when you get the unction or the feeling or have a moment of inspiration… TAKE IT.
Stay in that moment or vortex or zone and drop what you are doing, put a mental book mark there if you need to and listen to your inner artist (no matter your medium).
You will not regret grabbing hold of the reigns and getting thrown off the wagon.
You will regret never taking the reigns at all.
Soooo…. sing that song, dance that dance, paint that sunrise, write that novel.
I heard is said once that it is not the things you do that you will regret later.
It is the things you do NOT do that you will regret the most.

So, lift a pint and toast to new-found freedom.
Live each moment as if it was the last.

Peace on your day,

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