The Art of Visionary Art

When I meet new people and tell them that I am a painter they frequently ask me, “What do you paint? Is it landscapes or portraits or abstracts? I always pause a moment to self reflect and then say, “I am a visionary painter” to which they typically respond, “What’s that” or “Oh”. Then I explain what that means to me and what I do. Allow me to do that now.


I have never been a “method” painter nor a method actor (when I acted) for that matter. Methods have always seemed too, well… methodical to me. When I paint each painting is a new experience and frequently a whole new world of discovery. Sometimes I have had a very specific and detailed vision and I paint what I have seen “in the spirit”. Other times I only am going off a vague image or even a word or feeling. These are the times when I have to reach for the image and often the whole is only revealed to me during the process of painting. It is in the fanning of the spark that the fire is created. I do not sit in front of a blank canvas wondering what to paint. My spiritual life is so ALIVE that I will frequently have many of those visions or feelings and I have to narrow down the choices of what to paint. I am grateful for having had an amazing spiritual teacher who opened up the windows of my soul. The Creator or Universe expanded by thousands of times, in my perception the more my teacher taught. These are the things I paint. When I was a young man I loved to sit with a canvas in a sunny field or woodsy spot and paint what I saw. Oh, those younger and simpler days! Now I paint because I have to get it out. I have a deep, deep desire in my soul to illustrate what I am feeling or seeing. It is literally like being used to bring something from one dimension to another. The spiritual realm, or metaphysical realm is real, but usually not able to be seen, or touched. A painting brings those tactile qualities to the viewer so they can “see”.

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