Brings Visions to Life

Birth of the Firebride

Barry’s artwork has hung in our home now for over 10 years.  We have one of his earlier pieces “Temple of the Most High God”.  It’s ancient depth and holy feel remind us of the awesomeness of God.  It has a very masculine tone to it.

“Birth of the Firebride” is one of our favorites and graces our fireplace mantle. The colors, light, and imagery took our breath away.  It speaks to the part of us that must come up out of adversity and in so doing becomes something glorious.  With it’s rich color, it is very feminine and balances out beautifully.

Every person who views his artwork will ultimately find one that provokes self-examination.  Anyone who visits our home asks about these pieces and it never fails to be a rich conversation as each speaks from their own place and how the art enlightens or challenges them.

Many blessings be upon Barry for bringing the visions to life in his artwork.

Blain and Amy Trenary

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