Luminescent Light

Enoch Amid Transformation

Glorious, luminescent, bright light, the light of the spirit enrapturing truth and revelation is the light that I intend to capture. To make pigments on canvas glow like the explosion of a new star… that is a fantastic thing.

This is the light that Paul saw on the Road to Emmaus. It is the light that Buddha embodied. It is the light that Jesus emanated on the mount of transfiguration, It is the light that Sufi mystics spoke of and it is the light that artists from time immemorial have sought to capture.

If I can draw the viewer’s attention into this vortex of light and they see something in a new way, or have a new revelation, or their soul pauses to reflect… then I have accomplished my goal. That goal is to express and share the illumination of the light of Truth, the light that knows no religious boundaries. This is the light of Pure Love.

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