3 pieces sold yesterday!

Dear Art Aficionados,

I just wanted to inform you that I sold the original of “Deep Calleth Unto Deep”,

Deep Calleth unto Deep

Deep Calleth unto Deep

and a signed print of the Lion painting and a small sunflower painting a patron saw at a past show( and texted me to purchase).  The “Make me an Offer” art fire sale has exploded out of the gate…

I am so grateful to the many who purchased my art over the years… a new era soon begins.

Stay Tuned…

Barry Donaldson


Phoenix Rises

Phoenix Rises

Phoenix Rises

I have had a few inquiries about this piece and YES it is still available and  a complete steel at $750.  (It is $2500 on the site). And  free shipping is still included!!!

All of the “Make me an offer” opportunities expire on August 1st… so keep that in mind if you have your eye on a piece. It may not be here tomorrow.

A recent Forbes article stated, “The ultra high net worth and the newly wealthy are looking to get in on the art market”. So, just like investing in emerging new company so is “investing” in a painting of an emerging new artist’s work.

I recently did a large commission piece for a collector in Nashville’s “Belle Meade” area.  He and his wife raved over how much they loved the piece. (I so love it when a client “raves”).  He owns several successful businesses and thought this would be a good art investment as he believes my art will explode with my newly re-branded launch and the new site.

Please call or test with any questions or offers.

Cheers and enjoy the day,

Barry Donaldson — Firescribe Artwork – 931-981-5099

Amazing Art at a Fantastic Price!

Dear Subscribers,
I will soon be re-writing my mission and perspective as an artist… what that means is I am in the process of building a new website that will be a new name and be “re-branded”. I am doing this simply because my art is going in a new and exciting direction. I think you will love it!!! When the new site fully takes shape I will let you know just before our launch date.

Because you are subscribers I am offering you a special offer for a limited time that no one else will have access to…
I am WILDLY discounting most of my original art and will give you the opportunity to

Make me an offer“… if your offer is reasonable it will not be refused and I will throw in free shipping  anywhere in the world.



And, Yes, some will be less than half price.

Some of my pieces will not be included on my new site… so here is your chance to buy some art from an emerging artist in the Nashville and Seattle art scenes. I have a few pieces that some of my collectors are considering, but will I accept the first reasonable offer – collector or new client.
I will be having one last art show as “Firescribe” in Nashville at the Tennessee Art League Gallery in August, so please be invited to the Downtown Nashville Art Crawl in evening of Saturday August 1st.

Here is the link to my site to view the art at Firescribe.


Please email me at:  Barry@Firescribe.com
or Call/Text at 931-981-5099 to make an offer or ask any questions.

Thank you and enjoy!
Barry Donaldson
Firescribe Artwork

Angel of Fire

I would first off like to welcome the new “followers” of Firescribe. I am overwhelmed with how many new ones are following, thank you.
Also, I am formally announcing a new painting for sale and available in a paper or canvas print form…
Angel of Fire – I have not offered this for sale as of yet, but be welcome to contact me with your thoughts on it (and any offer to purchase).
I will be posting a few new paintings soon as well.
The Angel Fire is the first of my “Angel Series” – there will be 3 more in the series.

Angel of Fire

Angel of Fire

This angel is has the strength an authority of the element of fire. I love vivid color and wanted to incorporate all the warm colors, orange, yellow, magenta, red, coral, into the fire juxtaposed with saturated cool hues to make the fire seem electric!!!


The time is now. Today is the day. Seize the moment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have never met an artist who has not procrastinated at least a little bit. It seems to be a dynamic of creative types, but can be moved through. Just remember when you get the unction or the feeling or have a moment of inspiration… TAKE IT.
Stay in that moment or vortex or zone and drop what you are doing, put a mental book mark there if you need to and listen to your inner artist (no matter your medium).
You will not regret grabbing hold of the reigns and getting thrown off the wagon.
You will regret never taking the reigns at all.
Soooo…. sing that song, dance that dance, paint that sunrise, write that novel.
I heard is said once that it is not the things you do that you will regret later.
It is the things you do NOT do that you will regret the most.

So, lift a pint and toast to new-found freedom.
Live each moment as if it was the last.

Peace on your day,

New Painting… Angel of Fire

Angel of Fire

Angel of Fire

This is the first in a series of Angels I am painting. This Angel of Fire is strength and courage.

It is the power of the Divine that is in us.  I am reminded of this strength each time I walk by

the painting. I hope you are encouraged and strengthened when you look at it as well.

It will be offered for sale on the website soon, the original as well as paper and canvas giclees.

Be strengthened and encouraged,


Spiritually Uplifting Artwork in a Turbulant World

So many things are so intense on our planet today.

Wars break out daily it seems.

Political unrest is a constant.

Earthquakes, floods, fires, storms and volcanos are always in the news.

It is often hard to keep positive when the world is  increasingly tumultuous.This is why I paint… to bring “Spiritually Uplifting Artwork to a Turbulent World”.And soon I will make it easier for you to share spiritually uplifting images with those close to you.

Please stay tuned….

So for now… be at peace… and be grateful for all you have.



Out of the Matrix

Out of the Matrix


If a person can stop for a moment… and pause long enough to really disconnect from the matrix,  past and present, and be in that singular moment… truly in the moment… which is different from being spontaneous… and is not merely spouting some diatribe or memorized affirmation they learned on the internet… genuinely unplug from all things, fears, emotions, job, title, position, obligation, duty, family, spiritual affiliation… come to a place of nothingness, with no expectation save for a willingness to understand something deeper than the afore-mentioned things… and an acknowledgement that there is something higher than us that we are plugged into and we are a part of… and be very grateful for this same moment that he is fortunate enough to be experiencing… and being motivated by a passion for freedom and above all things… love.

…Then  that person has passed though a celestial gateway, a vortex, a star gate on the journey of ascension. A letting go of self and ego to see a broader and more expansive universe than the small one they thought they knew.

THIS is Alchemy, truly.  Taking a numb and mundane life that has a very small spark and fanning that flame into a fiery furnace that fuels the next step on the path.

In Peace,



Vision Beheld


Henry Ford said that if you think you can or you can’t you are probably right.

Like many other successful people he took repeated failures and turned them into successes. Through the alchemy of tenacity he beheld his vision into fruition.

What do you believe?

Are all things possible?

Does the brightness of your light vanquish the darkness of the challenge you face?

This is how I paint. Yes, I “see” the imagery, but the act of painting those images is taking my intentions from the place in my mind, one dimension, and manifesting the image into another dimension, the canvas.

Father God, Mother Earth and the Universe are all speaking. We merely have to quiet our lives to hear their truth. Behold the vision of your life lived the way you believe it can be lived. And when our creative energies are in sync with the Creators’, the Universe… things manifest.


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