About the Artist

Barry Donaldson

There are so many truths out there that are waiting to be unveiled and that is a very fascinating and exciting thing to me. Conversely, there is much deception. It is the realization of the deception that sets our hearts seeking after the truth. That is the duality of our times. In those Awakenings we have moments of clarity. We see the universe and ourselves more face to face, rather than through a glass dimly. I paint to reveal those truths. The images that I paint are all things that I have seen with “spiritual eyes” and then translate to canvas. Much of what I see are illustrations of things taught to me or revealed to me by a spiritual mentor. Some are pure spirit that come to me by what many say is God, some say Angels, some say the Universe and some say Akashic Records. What I know is that my work is more about the message than the medium. It is a raw burning flame that has been ignited in me. My deeper spirit, the light being that is my essence, knows more than my mortal mind can comprehend at this time. Learning to let go of our mortal understanding is part of the Awakening process. The art that you see before you is part message and part journey as it also tells the story of my personal Awakening and the Collective Awakening that is happening around the whole Earth.

Thank you for viewing the artwork and may it be a catalyst for your own personal activation. Please be invited to this site
to view the art again and feel free to contact me to let me know how it effected you.

Barry Donaldson


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