Angel of Fire

I would first off like to welcome the new “followers” of Firescribe. I am overwhelmed with how many new ones are following, thank you.
Also, I am formally announcing a new painting for sale and available in a paper or canvas print form…
Angel of Fire – I have not offered this for sale as of yet, but be welcome to contact me with your thoughts on it (and any offer to purchase).
I will be posting a few new paintings soon as well.
The Angel Fire is the first of my “Angel Series” – there will be 3 more in the series.

Angel of Fire

Angel of Fire

This angel is has the strength an authority of the element of fire. I love vivid color and wanted to incorporate all the warm colors, orange, yellow, magenta, red, coral, into the fire juxtaposed with saturated cool hues to make the fire seem electric!!!


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