If a person can stop for a moment… and pause long enough to really disconnect from the matrix,  past and present, and be in that singular moment… truly in the moment… which is different from being spontaneous… and is not merely spouting some diatribe or memorized affirmation they learned on the internet… genuinely unplug from all things, fears, emotions, job, title, position, obligation, duty, family, spiritual affiliation… come to a place of nothingness, with no expectation save for a willingness to understand something deeper than the afore-mentioned things… and an acknowledgement that there is something higher than us that we are plugged into and we are a part of… and be very grateful for this same moment that he is fortunate enough to be experiencing… and being motivated by a passion for freedom and above all things… love.

…Then  that person has passed though a celestial gateway, a vortex, a star gate on the journey of ascension. A letting go of self and ego to see a broader and more expansive universe than the small one they thought they knew.

THIS is Alchemy, truly.  Taking a numb and mundane life that has a very small spark and fanning that flame into a fiery furnace that fuels the next step on the path.

In Peace,



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  1. David Matthews says:

    I found this as an email and began reading and I felt such a connection to what I was reading that I felt I had written it myself. It was only as I came to the end that I realized who the source was. Beautifully written Barry. David

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